TRANSITION COACH – Willem Kneepkens

~ What could be better than learning everything about yourself. ~

It takes years of personal growth to think completely out of the personal paradigm and to move into onenessconsciousness. To break free from the apparently proven facts of science, religious paradigms and social thought that have become entrenched in the consciousness of the masses. Simply this means escaping the mass consciousness and learning to think in the universal consciousness or the oneness principle. It also means breaking free from the personal paradigms and beliefs that may have been originated from the family sphere.

The movement to onenessconsciousness cannot be written or talked about from the knowledge of the current paradigm, by some people called “the system”. Just as little as solutions could be found from here. In order to have this understanding and this awareness it is necessary to think completely detached from the ‘system’ and its paradigms.
The onenessconsciousness stands on its own. You either have it or you don’t. It brings immediate insight and solutions!

Based on this personal experience and development, I help people and organizations with new insights, ideas and solutions. I also coach people to go back to their own origins and to stay with themselves and thereby make their own movement to a different view of themselves and the organization.

Then, I tend to rely less on myself and more on the other side of things at play. Because reality is often enough a reversal of the original situation.
My goal is to provide insights into everyone’s own specific mission and how to fulfill it. Because this mission is the most important part that we are and work for on this earth.