Global Flows of a New Dimension

One can change anything in this world – without a change of consciousness nothing happens at all. Universal principles, oneness, or “being part of the whole and the whole being part of one”, these waves of consciousness, come into this world bringing consciousness of humanity to another level. Sparks of ideas initiate people to develop […]

Through Law comes the Freedom of Men

Freedom comes through law, but not as human-defined legislation. Knowing ‘the law’ is half the battle. True freedom is fixed, defined by laws, immutable and untouchable. Universal laws exist at all levels, but become more clear when we as humanity enter a next level of existence. Even the movement towards this level, is determined, although […]

The End of a Crisis, the Beginning of a New World – Part II

Perceptions of a new world As a follow-up to the first part with the same title, this article is about the perceptions of the new world, where I had begun already in the previous article – with the process we are going through and a picture of how the world will look like. Concepts such […]

The End of a Crisis, the Beginning of a New World

Crisis is a ‘state of mind’. Crisis is the result of our perception. Whatever we allow in our consciousness individually ‘programs’ our subconscious mind and manifests itself eventually. Whatever you believe, becomes reality for yourself and a complex of belief systems, where the crisis consists of, also comes into existence this way. What is stored […]