Global Flows of a New Dimension

One can change anything in this world – without a change of consciousness nothing happens at all. Universal principles, oneness, or “being part of the whole and the whole being part of one”, these waves of consciousness, come into this world bringing consciousness of humanity to another level. Sparks of ideas initiate people to develop […]

7 Rules of Reorganization and a Fearless Transition

Organizations reorganize and reorganize, as evidently there is a necessity, while business-models and organizational structures offer no room for universal self-organizing principles. Many reorganizations are in fact an attempt to resolve a problem of which one still has not been able to define. In addition, much of the communication about reorganization is basically ‘old school’ […]

A New Worldrelation through Oneness, Integration and Balance.

If there is one force that holds the world and the people together than it is the power of oneness, integration and balance. Perhaps more than ever conflicts no longer seem to occur at a regional level but at world-level. It is the same force that has brought us prosperity and growth through the unification of […]

One with the Universe, the State of Independence

The state of independence is destined. A state in which humanity aligns itself in harmony with the universe. One day all of humanity will realize – as one – the depth and true meaning of this ‘prophecy’. This state is our birthright, it is from a different level, as well as the flow of life, […]

Through Law comes the Freedom of Men

Freedom comes through law, but not as human-defined legislation. Knowing ‘the law’ is half the battle. True freedom is fixed, defined by laws, immutable and untouchable. Universal laws exist at all levels, but become more clear when we as humanity enter a next level of existence. Even the movement towards this level, is determined, although […]

Transform and Disrupt; 10 Keys to True Transformation and Disruption

10 Keys to true transformation and disruption. Everything that follows is ‘next level.’ Invisible developments are taking place. Management, marketing and markets are subject to change. Markets become disrupted and how long will it take before we no longer speak about a market as such? New legislation might lead to profound changes in, for example […]

Marketing or ‘Being the Market’.

  The transcendence of the understanding of marketing as that of the market itself. ‘Being the market’ is this just a flash of insight or is this the beginning of a much larger thought? Market, marketing (market-getting) or market share, these are just words we use, terms of an old economy. Market share, is this […]

New Dimensions of a New Economic Order

Interconnectedness comes into economic expression. Due to further digitalization and developments in new media that create greater interconnectedness and the many initiatives, collaborations and participation, there is a new economy unfolding. A new “economic” consciousness awakens and the technology which follows – instead of the other way around – brings forth an abundance that we […]