A Full Spectrum of Solutions.
Answers are there in asking the right questions. Solutions as well. But also by seeing certain issues in the proper context, or to see in the whole of interconnected links. Solutions we find, both by looking at the essence and at the whole.

This model provides insight into the whole of the context – the full social spectrum – in which we solve matters, issues and transform it to a higher plan. We do this at the level of consciousness as a collective and likewise in our society in the different areas in which we operate.
The model gives opportunity to clarify any consistency if there is any, on the area in which we operate and to get our focus clear and our missions!

The first start is a breakdown in seven areas of activity. These include qualities that are essential for the exercise of this. After that, the subdivision into subgroups within these main groups. Therein we see the same subheading back again, within the main groups. Eventually we come to a transformation model, containing the aspects within consciousness, the focus and the decisions to make.
A full spectrum of solutions.

The social spectrum.
1 – Government
2 – Education and media
3 – Entrepreneurship – Business activity
4 – Culture – World Relations
5 – Science
6 – Idealism and Religion
7 – Social structures, laws, nature and environment
And combinations of these.

1. Government, Statesmanship, Leadership and Political Activism (work area government, leadership roles in government, business and institutes)

Focus/Essence: decision making in the service of the whole.
Seeing the true extent of that which the decisions are to be take over and to take it in the right moment. To achieve the momentum on which things really change and we are able achieve what we want. This may seem obvious, but in reality things are often done differently.

Important in this present time is to continue to focus on what it really is about, the essence of things that are happening. The choices we make will be the right ones as long as we continue to focus on this essence. This comes down to having the clarity to see the essence and from there to decide.
Right decisions lead to right actions.

This means making decisions that lead to self-activation, the activation of the individual person, group, people, country, continent – which leads to self-initiated growth.
Growth has a profound effect on the total of this consciousness, simply because we are part of it
Leadership is an aspect of consciousness. The development of the individual consciousness and the example he/she extends to the world is what makes the person a great individual and authentic as a person and in leadership.
Herein lies the true leadership, namely consciousness leadership.

Higher aspect on the level of consciousness: Statesmanship, leadership, Leadership on the basis of equality, unity and oneness consciousness, as part of the whole. Service to the whole without giving up their own identity. Autonomous and part of the world at the same time.
An efficient understanding and perception of the aspects of will and (creative) power.

Qualities on the psychological level: Courage, will, discipline, determination, consistency, equal-mindedness.
‘The red end of the spectrum’.

Aspects to transform within consciousness: Lower will, misuse of power and control over others.

Issues to solve in the world: Power politics, “society of social classes”, monopoly, protectionism, duality, polarization, politics-“left-right”.

Goal: Serving the whole, “one for all” and leading all to unity, union, integration, without giving up their own sovereignty or identity. Diversity in Oneness.

Social Political Choices:
1 Govern and leading on the basis of one’s own strength, rather than from each other’s opposites and (political) battle for position and influence. Leading from authenticity and creating and developing own framework conditions and environment. Separation from State and “business”, separation of State and “Science”, in the sense of prevention of conflict of interest with that Institute. Interventions in the world in the form of aid programs and protection.

2 Stimulating and rewarding measures, rather than penalty. As for borders, draw them where they are supposed to be, namely in relation to corruption, human rights violations and abuse etc. Taking responsibility for the cause and taking measures to prevent this.

3 Discontinuation of trade barriers and protectionism of own trading, debt cancellation. Large parts of the world are refrained from participation in the world economy. Actual abundance we create by participation of the entire world population. How can we create this without this participation?
Keeping organizations responsible for their own pollution by to accountability compulsory measures. Preserving a simple law – the polluter pays.
Tax increase on products that are a stress to humans (health), environment and society.
4 Promoting recovery programs for nature, environment and projects on social/cultural area, with as goal integration and harmony.

5 The all-deciding measures by a taking a supporting role in the development of society transforming technologies such as free energy. Leveling out regulation of original and traditional medicine – and modern medicine.

6 To lead from ideology, vision and consciousness leadership. Undo separation between spirituality and State in constitutional sense. Governing from the perception that church and spirituality are not one and the same thing.

7 The all-deciding measures to clear the way for society transforming developments and large-scale (International) aid and development projects, where international law, international interests are playing a role. Restrictions on regulation: decentralization and enabling support self-regulation self-organization. Open governance with regard to public finance, government spending, backgrounds, and the emergence of public policies.
Where is deprived from nature or environment, return again in other locations.

2. Education and Media

Focus/Essence: What is needed in the world is the unique contribution of each as an individual from his/her own potential. And what is meant here is his/her own fullest potential. This is what is needed to get this whole new development in motion.
For this, self-development, psychological development and character development are essential. Education as well as media as transmitters are the pillars and guides, for anyone to be able to develop in a way to meet this great collective potential.
A good education is part of the legacy for the next generations and is decisive for success and growth.
Self-development leads to the source of knowledge that one needs, in order to learn exactly that which a person needs to learn.

Higher aspect on consciousness level: Consciousness development, clear perception and understanding of the essence of everything (wisdom) and passing on wisdom, extending knowledge.

Qualities on psychological level: Un-conditionality, unconditional help.

Aspects to transform within consciousness: psychology of the personality level, conditionality, giving to get in return, or own something in return for your giving, lack of self-esteem, lack of respect etc.

Issues to solve in the world: Lack of attention for the development of consciousness and healthy psychology in primary school teachings. No or too little attention, nor by education, nor by media for the essence of human development. How can one get attention from children for something if one does not have this oneself?

Goal: We are each part of the whole and it is meant for us to take responsibility for exactly that part here on earth and for that which is there to learn. And that part has most relation to ourselves.

Social educational choices:1 Use of media for which it is meant to be, namely fully focused on raising awareness and consciousness, learning, growth, transmission of knowledge and also entertainment, rather than manipulation of the masses.

2 Offering education and extending of knowledge based on self-development, development qualities, norms and values, character development, development of own will, expression, responsibility and self-learning process and to create leaders instead of followers.

3 Education available to anyone, of any level, anywhere in the world. Create platforms for interactive learning concepts.

4 Integration of cultures in education and creative teaching methods as a standard. Mirroring instead of testing.

5 Knowledge of facts of the world subordinated to self-development and self-fulfillment.

6 Education from ideology. Self development, spirituality and psychology as a subject starting from elementary school.

7 Self organizing education. Instead of learning facts, to promote and help children to develop the ability to learn.
Organizing of education (social responsible) and the entire process from development, upbringing and education, aimed on self-development, development of qualities, values, character development, development of own will, expression, responsibility, initiatives and life-long-learning.

3. Business Activity – Entrepreneurship
Focus/Essence: Creating abundance as a conscious choice. Conscious decisions from new insights lead to conscious action. New initiatives from the new paradigm or vision. Where the economic interest is a part of the whole field of interests. Economic prosperity is a result of, rather than an goal on itself. Money is only a means, not an goal on itself.
Taking the right action at the right time, input of right resources in a most efficient way to achieve goals for a greater purpose. In the interest of man, nature and the environment, the actual shareholders.

Higher aspect on consciousness level: Efficient understanding and perception of the business and active side of life. How to manifest things and goals that we want to achieve. How to create abundance.

Abundance consciousness: abundance is the result of, rather than a goal on itself. And is based on – giving is receiving.

Qualities on a psychological level:
Determination, perseverance, common sense, quickness of intellect, efficient thinking/doing, clear understanding of complex cases.

Aspects to transform within consciousness: Competition, poverty consciousness, scarcity consciousness, greed, material fulfillment of needs, ‘market’ economy, giving is losing and fear of failure.

Issues to solve in the world: Pollution, inefficient use of raw materials, the system of scarcity, distribution of wealth and abundance in the world, money lobby, problem around creation of money, the flow of money, inflation, unemployment and overconsumption.

Goal: Creating abundance and fulfillment.

Social business choices:
1 Undertaking from own strength, rather than competition for market share. Doing business from own identity. Doing business from own mission.

2 Provide an environment for people to learn and to develop themselves.

3 Return on involvement – based on the creation of abundance, distribution of wealth and abundance in the world.
Organic, eco-friendly and socially responsible goods as private brand.
Develop partnerships to develop solutions on a large scale. See profit in terms of importance for humans, animals and the environment.

4 Create activities in harmonious relationship with the environment.

5 On-site development of innovative ideas, innovation and technology in the field of sustainability if this is not available.

6 Business from own ideology. Being the example of how entrepreneurship is performed. Integrity and excellence in business.

7 Creating and develop own framework conditions and environment. Efficient use of energy and raw materials, re-use and recycling. Transformation of old paradigms that obstruct progress and growth. Know how to turn apparent disadvantages or unsolvable issues into benefits and solutions. Solvability.

4. Culture and Worldrelations

Focus/Essence: Everything is a matter of perspective and by learning to see in different views of others we can learn to integrate aspects and come to new insights. It is the art to integrate and bring these into balance, to create harmony and balance. Both inner and in the world.
Instead of seeing that culture shows the differences between people, the integration of cultures brings us new growth and renewed harmony. We learn what harmony is by our “differences”. And we learn to see things in other ways and by different eyes and so to find new solutions.
In every conflict, parties are both equivalent involved. Solutions must be found from both sides, and every individual for himself.

Expressions of art are a mirror for ourselves and brings issues to our consciousness by theatrically confronting us with ourselves.
The function is clear and important within our society.

Higher aspect on consciousness level: harmony, balance and integration.
Integration and balance of the male and female part.

Qualities on psychological level: creativity, expressiveness, sense of beauty.

Aspects to transform within consciousness: conflict, disharmony, inequality (imbalance) between male and female, the misperception of equivalence. Duality.

Issues to solve in the world: conflicts in relationships between people, men/women, cultures, and parts of world. Inequality in the world. Disharmony in General.

Goal: Harmony in relationships and world relations. For males, it is needed to integrate properties, more feminine and vice versa for women needed to integrate more male aspects. So both men and women can achieve balance, inner and in our relationships.
This is the way come to a greater understanding about each other. That is appropriate for cultures and also for all sorts of relationship.

Social cultural choices:
1 Equality between men and women as a conscious choice.

2 Seeing and using art and cultural expressions as a way to learn and grow as a society.

3 Develop the entrepreneurship to ‘sell’ art and cultural expressions, as a valuable instrument for raising awareness and thus to spread, and so to be self-sufficient.

4 Art and cultural expressions used as a mirror and a way to promote integration and equality to create harmony within the society.

5 Analysis of the relations between all things and recognition of the fact there is a science ‘behind’ the art – in art and cultural expressions.

6 Integration of ideology and religion in expressions of art and culture.

7 Art and cultural expressions consciously used in the transformation of people and society.

5. Science and Knowledge

Focus/Essence: the key to new and ground-breaking technologies can be found on the level of consciousness.
New technology development goes parallel with consciousness development. Solutions in the form of breakthrough technology can only be found by reaching a certain level of consciousness.
We can only find certain answers as we are going to watch things from the full perspective of things. In other words to have a comprehensive understanding of things it is necessary to develop a comprehensive understanding, instead of confining itself to one particular discipline or problem area in order to find answers for the whole. When things seem too complex, it’s because we limit ourselves to the things we want to see or to understand.

There are no borders in Sciences. The only limit which one imposes itself is when one looks at things from a physical perspective and thus to limit our own omniscience. Science goes beyond the physically observable limits. Issues that seem to go further than our ability to understand, are so because these extend beyond the perspective from which the science is generally observes, namely from a science where the frame of reference physical measurable points and time. Everything is consciousness.

Scientific breakthroughs come within range, when the scientific boundaries are being let off and we are able to think free. If we can think freely we will be able to understand that the next level of science is the science of consciousness, light and energy.

Higher aspect on consciousness level: Knowing from an enlightened “state of mind”.

Qualities on psychological level: Truthfulness, thoughtfulness, analytical skills.

Aspects to transform within consciousness: Arrogance, prejudice, ‘knowledge is power’, “if it’s not scientifically proven, it doesn’t exist”.

Issues to solve in the world:Modern science is ‘the science’ and everything else is alternative. Who decides what is alternative? Lobby for what is, or not to be accepted as the standard within science. Power influences, lobby, from the Scientific Institute on State and public opinion, similar to that of the church before the Inquisition.
Issues in the field of public health, food safety, compulsory vaccination.

Goal: achieving breakthroughs in science by solving own paradigms. Development of new advanced technology, for example in the field of energy production, nutrition and medicine, which will be also applied in the world.

Social scientific choices:
1 making of conscious political choices to recognize certain society transformative technological breakthroughs in energy, food and medicine as the default and to give openness to the public.

2 Scientific Institute as open knowledge Institute. Sharing knowledge with other institutes and public. Make knowledge accessible to the public. Public consultation in resolving scientific issues.

3 applying original medicine within the institutes of care and hospitals and fee for this, to make these available on a large scale. Availability based on diversity and cooperation.

4 The choice for recognition of original healing methods that are still traditionally used in different cultures. Equivalence of modern medicine with original healing methods. Science practiced in harmony with nature and the environment.

5 integration of knowledge and science ‘ to one concept for all.
Answers to scientific ‘unsolvable quests’ can be found when they are viewed from perspective of consciousness, light and energy. A breakthrough in science starts where the ‘modern science ‘ goes in this area.

6 acceptance of the fact that healing takes place on level of consciousness.
Ethics comes first.

7 opt for reduction of regulation and encouraging new initiatives.

6. Ideology and Religion

Focus/Essence: issues concerning the essence of life and which philosophy we choose as ideal to live by and to organize our society onto. To what extent are these ideals or insights still be found within the institutions of our society?
The separation of church and state has caused a separation between spirituality and state – and for the Soul to be completely disappeared from within virtually all institutions, even those of church itself.

Higher aspect on consciousness level: self-realization, idealism.
Distinction of the difference between religion and spirituality.

Qualities on a psychological level: drive’, strive for excellence, healthy ambition,

Aspects to transform within consciousness: fanaticism, religious fanaticism, ‘extreme way of thinking’, perfectionism, seduction, Messiah complex.

Issues to solve in the world:Oppression and doctrine. Conservatism. Separation between spirituality and State.

find and return the essence of life within all institutes of this society.

Social ideological choices:
1 choosing for own leadership and responsibility in the performance of their own ideals and mission.

2 self-reflection of ideological institution or religious institute, to look at their own values and standards within the institute.

3 dissemination of ideology or religion occurs when it has proven itself as a value and is not an goal in itself.

4 choose a new relationship of religious and ideological institutions to society and finding their own position within the developments of a new world.

5 search for truth, correct interpretations and true meanings and analysis thereof.

6 integration of religions and ideologies to one ‘religion’. Recognition that spirituality is one and the same thing for every religious belief and all religionists choose to live from this common value, from which originates the unity that we seek.

7 choose liberation of the doctrine and indoctrination that takes place in a variety of ways. Loosening of the connections with the institute of church.

7. Social Organization, Social Design, Legal Order.

Focus/Essence: Along with the crisis, solutions will come. The symptoms of the crisis, can be considered as a signal that something is going on and that ultimately demands attention. And solutions are right there.
There is no ‘ quick-fix ‘ when it comes to solving the crisis that we know in the world. Real solutions are on a different level than where it manifests.
The way to see is that crisis in itself has very clear opportunities to be taken.

The way in which each evolution takes place, such as the way in which our society is evolving, is self-organizing. And the transition that is taking place now is self-initiated and will also be self-organized, from the bottom up.

Transforming the paradigms is needed to restore the evolution. And this can be done by creating new initiatives (read circuits), that have the potential for other circuits to arise. And an example to others that things can be different, based on new paradigms.

Ultimately, the transformation of the world to a world with a higher consciousness and a whole different dimension of consciousness.

Higher aspect on consciousness level: freedom, free thinking, new order.

Qualities on a psychological level: having an open mind.

Aspects to transform within consciousness: rigidity, intolerance, short-sightedness, condemnation.

Issues to solve in the world: bureaucracy, need for regulations, lack of transparency in regulations, issues surrounding self-determination and right to exist, private choice around abortion, euthanasia, donor services, compulsory vaccination, ceding DNA. Issues around violation privacy, protection of personal data, protection health records, DNA. Freedom of expression. System crisis.

Goal: transformation of contra-evolutionary systems and the way in which old paradigms are anchored within the institutes.

Social structural and constitutional choices:
1 Choice to reduce regulation and assume greater responsibility of every person within society. In contrast to that, Zero tolerance against violations of the legislation there is and where general standards of propriety are at stake.

2 taking restrictive measures rather than punishment. Development and application of ‘ re-education programs’ and mandatory learning paths if necessary.

3 starting partnerships, joint projects and alliances in which joint actions are developed to solve social issues and social improvement to humans, animals, environment and Earth.

4 redesign of landscape in which beauty and cultural values are integrated and in which various elements are in perfect balance and in harmony with the environment.
Where is deprived of nature in one place, giving back in a different place.

5 opt for cooperation as knowledge institutions, in which solutions are sought in the combined areas of science to solve social issues.

6 challenging ideological or religious institutions to be able to come to interaction there were it comes to ‘rigid ‘ traditional beliefs or applications.

7 Choice for transformation of the legal system, by looking underlying cause and issues.
Making conscious choices when it comes to disclosure and transparency in relation to procedures, the flow of money and investments.
Choice to take up social responsibility, not only by companies but also by education, politics, ideological and cultural institutes and all institutes. Introducing codes of conduct when it comes to business integrity in General.
Self-organization on the basis in General.
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