World relation in a new dimension will operate by new laws!

13 ways in which world relations will transform and organize itself. A gamechanging transformation.

Next dimension worldrelation is non-managed
Next dimension worldrelation is non-dualistic.
Next dimension worldrelation is non-competitive.
Next dimension worldrelation is non-profit.
Next dimension worldrelation is non-conform (autonomous).
Next dimension worldrelation is non-religious
Next dimension worldrelation is non-institutional.

Next dimension worldrelation is organized by crowd (selforganized).
Next dimension worldrelation is lead by crowd (selfsteered).
Next dimension worldrelation is realized by crowd (selfrealized, selfstarted).
Next dimension worldrelation is innovated by crowd (self-learned).
Next dimension worldrelation is funded by crowd (self-financed).

Next dimension worldrelations are interconnected.

This is the game changing. Worldrelation becomes world relation!



Culture and Worldrelations

Focus/Essence: Everything is a matter of perspective and by learning to see in different views of others we can learn to integrate aspects and come to new insights. It is the art to integrate and bring these into balance, to create harmony and balance. Both inner and in the world.
Instead of seeing that culture shows the differences between people, the integration of cultures brings us new growth and renewed harmony.
In every conflict, parties are both equally involved. Solutions must be found from both sides, and every individual for himself.

Higher aspect: Harmony, balance and integration.

Aspects to transform within: Conflict, disharmony, inequality (imbalance) between male and female, the misperception of equivalence. Duality.

Issues to solve in the world: Conflicts in relationships between people, men/women, cultures, and parts of world. Inequality in the world. Disharmony in General.

Goal: Diversity in Oneness. Harmony in relationships and world relations.
This is the way to achieve a greater understanding about each other. That is appropriate for cultures and also for all sorts of relationship.

Social cultural choices:
1 Equality between men and women as a conscious choice.
2 Seeing and using art and cultural expressions as a way to learn and grow as a society.
3 Develop the entrepreneurship to ‘sell’ art and cultural expressions, as a valuable instrument for raising awareness and thus to spread, and so to be self-sufficient.
4 Art and cultural expressions used as a mirror and a way to promote integration and equality to create harmony within the society.
5 Analysis of the relations between all things and recognition of the fact there is a science ‘behind’ the art – in art and cultural expressions.
6 Integration of ideology and religion in expressions of art and culture.
7 Art and cultural expressions consciously used on behalve of the transformation of people and society.