Ideology in a new dimension will operate by new laws!

13 ways in which ideology will transform and organize itself. A gamechanging transformation.

Next dimension ideology is non-hierarchic.
Next dimension ideology is non-dualistic.
Next dimension ideology is non-profit.
Next dimension ideology is non-conform.
Next dimension ideology is non-owned.
Next dimension ideology is non-religious
Next dimension ideology is non-institutional.

Next dimension ideology is organized by crowd (selforganized).
Next dimension ideology is lead by crowd (selfsteered).
Next dimension ideology is realized by crowd (selfrealized, selfstarted).
Next dimension ideology is sourced by crowd (self-learned).
Next dimension ideology is funded by crowd (self-financed).

Next dimension ideology is interconnected.

This is the game changing. Ideology becomes ideology!


Ideology and religion
Focus/Essence: issues concerning the essence of life and which philosophy we choose as ideal to live by and to organize our society onto. To what extent are these ideals or insights still be found within the institutes of our society?

Higher aspect: Self-realization, idealism.

Aspects to transform within: Fanaticism, religious fanaticism, extremism, manipulation.

Issues to solve in the world: Oppression and doctrine. Conservatism. Separation between spirituality and State.

Finding and bringing the essence of life within all institutes of this society.

Social ideological choices:
1 Choosing for own leadership and responsibility in the performance of their own ideals and mission.
2 Self-reflection of ideological institution or religious institute, to look at their own values and standards within the institute.
3 Dissemination of ideology or religion occurs when it has proven itself as a value and is not an goal in itself.
4 Choose a new relationship of religious and ideological institutions to society and finding their own position within the developments of a new world.
5 Search for truth, correct interpretations and true meanings and analysis thereof.
6 Integration of religions and ideologies to one ‘religion’. Recognition that spirituality is one and the same thing for every religious belief and all religionists choose to live from this common value, from which originates the unity that we seek.
7 Choose liberation of the doctrine and indoctrination that takes place in a variety of ways. Loosening of the connections with the institute of church.

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