Social organization in a new dimension will operate by new laws!

13 ways in which social organization will transform and organize itself. A gamechanging transformation.

Next dimension social organization is non-managed
Next dimension social organization is non-conform (autonomous).
Next dimension social organization is non-local.
Next dimension social organization is non-profit.
Next dimension social organization is non-centralized (decentral).
Next dimension social organization is non-religious.
Next dimension social organization is non-institutional.

Next dimension social organization is organized by crowd (selforganized).
Next dimension social organization is lead by crowd (selfsteered).
Next dimension social organization is realized by crowd (selfrealized, selfstarted).
Next dimension social organization is innovated by crowd (self-learned).
Next dimension social organization is funded by crowd (self-financed).

Next dimension social organization is interconnected.

This is the game changing. Social organization becomes social organization!


Social organization, social design, legal order.

Focus/Essence: Along with the crisis, solutions will come. The symptoms of the crisis, can be considered as a signal that something is going on and that ultimately demands attention.
There is no ‘ quick-fix ‘ when it comes to solving the crisis that we know in the world. The way to see is that crisis in itself has very clear opportunities to be taken.

The transition of our world is the new world organizing itself. This transition is self-initiated and self-organized, from the bottom up.

Higher aspect: Freedom, free thinking, new order.

Aspects to transform within: Rigidity, intolerance, short-sightedness.

Issues to solve in the world: Bureaucracy, need for regulations, lack of transparency, issues surrounding self-determination and right to exist, private choice around abortion, euthanasia, donor services, compulsory vaccination, ceding DNA. Issues around violation privacy, protection of personal data, protection health records, DNA. Freedom of expression. System crisis.

Goal: Transformation of contra-evolutionary systems and the way in which old paradigms are anchored within the institutes.

Social structural and constitutional choices:

1 – Choice to reduce regulation and assume greater responsibility of every person within society. In contrast to that, Zero tolerance against violations of the legislation there is and where general standards of propriety are at stake.

2 – Taking restrictive measures rather than punishment. Development and application of ‘ re-education programs’ and mandatory learning paths if necessary.

3 – Starting partnerships, joint projects and alliances in which joint actions are developed to solve social issues and social improvement to humans, animals, environment and Earth.

4-Redesign of landscape in which beauty and cultural values are integrated and in which various elements are in perfect balance and in harmony with the environment.
Where is deprived of nature in one place, giving back in a different place.

5 – Opt for cooperation as knowledge institutions, in which solutions are sought in the combined areas of science to solve social issues.

6- Challenging ideological or religious institutions to be able to come to interaction there were it comes to ‘rigid ‘ traditional beliefs or applications.

7 – Transformation of paradigms and systems, by introduction of new concepts such as global basic income, decentralized organization, new business models and infrastructures for distribution of money, wealth and energy.
Choice to take up social responsibility, not only by companies but also by education, politics, ideological and cultural institutes and all institutes. Introducing codes of conduct when it comes to business integrity in General.
Self-organization on the basis in General.

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