One can change anything in this world – without a change of consciousness nothing happens at all.

Universal principles, oneness, or “being part of the whole and the whole being part of one”, these waves of consciousness, come into this world bringing consciousness of humanity to another level. Sparks of ideas initiate people to develop new activities.
If only we would have a social system that would express this universal principle; “part of the whole and the whole part of each”, how would the world look like today?

It needs time for this thought to completely descend in the consciousness of the masses. Yet the transformation towards it has already begun, which is initiated by a growing number of platforms. A new awareness is leading to new forms of organization and business-models.

Possibly within one generation the world will be dominated by platforms.
Platforms of 50 million participants or followers will be no exception and the first successes have already been made to a greater integration, inclusion, autonomy and decentralization.


Today the integration issue alone, does not emerge without reason. As integration leads towards greater unity, who or what can be against it?

Unity is the consciousness that; the endpoint of actual unity is achieved by integration of all people, cultures, philosophies, sciences and theories. One theory for everything, which is the consciousness of the new world eventually. This is where the transition is leading us. This is just the reason why nothing will remain as it was anymore.

Opponents against integration in the base are opponents against a system. The solution than would be a system change into an ecosystem which mimics the universal thought in a natural way; “each one part of the whole and the whole part of each”.

Solutions will be found if they are in sync with these new waves of consciousness and its integration.
Utopian according to some people, on the contrary, it is already going on as we look through the disturbing images from the media.


Being part of the whole implies inclusiveness and if there is one system in which this inclusiveness manifests itself, it is a system in which everyone is involved and no single person is excluded.

Financial inclusiveness may seem like a concept on itself, however is part of a larger thought. Being part of the whole for everyone can only be on condition of equality. It means that each one is a unique (and necessary) part and contributes to the whole. This inclusiveness also means in that each of the participants is not only be able to pay, but be able to participate in the first place! Yet the present reality is often different.


One of the universal principles of being part of the whole is autonomy, without the control of a central unit. This unit(y), these are all of the participants and so the autonomy is exactly there. This thought of decentralization is therefore a result of the universal thought of oneness. This decentralization is reflected in platforms that flout the existing rules and orders.

Everything has been said and written, yet many still do not see or do not want to see that everything is in transition, especially the existing order(s) itself.
The new dimension is a dimension of unity, integration and decentralization. No one remains on oneself, or will work only for oneself.
Each participates in one way or another in the bigger picture – sharing – taking part – and being part!