We all have our mission in life and, above all, we all have a collective mission. A collective mission in which we take greater responsibility in the world and especially for the planet on which we live.
Not only we grow and learn to solve issues on a personal level – from where we become ready for greater task and leadership in the world – but as humanity as a whole we grow as well ánd if we solve the issues which are there to be solved right now in the world.
The fulfillment of this collective mission eventually becomes one big event in which each one participates.

New Dimension – New Laws

Paradigms change and with it also our society. The game is changing. This is not a goal or mission of EarthMission itself, this is what is to come and it will come, because it is what we already have started for a part.
Things are changing. Real is becoming real and more ‘visible’ in the moment and that which is unreal will diminish. That is what actually happens.

Business activity, education and science already are becoming non-local, non-profit, non-institutional, non-employed and on the basis of non-ownership. These ‘laws’ will extend itself to each institute in our society.
There will be new initiatives which will get support from the crowd an these initiatives grow out of – and according to these ‘new laws’. All will selforganize this way, self-initiated, self-activated and that of course has consequences.
Now being aware what those consequences are and how to go on with it for any organization means visibility on new opportunities, particularly at this time – and frankly we don’t have so many other options right now.

If there is a game that is played in the world of organizations than this is it – and it is the awareness and the realization for which EarthMission is founded.