~ A leading role is not for a few, but for everyone~ 

Working on your mission for three months, once a week for a whole day (10:00 – 17:00)! 

No program has been worked out in detail, but there is a ‘storyline’. Your storyline, along which anything can happen. That space has been left in the program for a reason to give you space for your own interpretation. Because this is what it’s all about, of course. Space you will take up! Furthermore, we will pull out all the stops that are necessary if there are signs that something is desired. 

Discover mission 

You can spend 100 days on a very intensive and in-depth program, in which you can discover your mission.
The program is composed of 5 unique modules, an extra intervision module of 5 extra intervision evenings and a startup part! 
Each module is made up of a number of inspiring workshops that suit you, interviews and coaching sessions. In addition, you will receive a coach for 100 days. 
Our coaching style is provocative, transformative and solution-oriented. 

Breaking free 

For anyone who wants to break free from the delusion of the made world, wants to discover everything about themselves and do what you feel you are here on this beautiful planet – want to work on. 


 – If you don’t already have the answer to that question, we will try to find the answer to that question during these three months. But first, let’s ask the right question. 

– Choices and Will. With the right will (realization of this) you can make the right choices for you and the right answers will come. All answers! 

– Make a start to get you ‘On Track’, if necessary 

– or get you to the point where you are working on your mission in whatever area is most important to you right now. Explicitly now, because what is most important to you right now, of course, depends on where you are now. 

– There is no end goal. Avoid thinking in terms of what you want to achieve as an end goal, but try to think in terms of BEING. You are what you want to become.

You and your mission! 

About your successes and pitfalls, your light and darkness, thinking and feeling, conscious and subconscious, sense and nonsense, push buttons and boiling points. We are going to talk about must, can, may and will, about letting go and giving up. 
About surrender

You in charge 

Because it’s mostly about you, you’re in charge.
You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you want to keep a book closed, that’s your choice.

If there is something that should come up in this training, it may come.
Everything that is important to you comes, when it is needed, at the right time. Even if you may think it isn’t.
That also has to do with the WILL. Is what you want good for you? Or do you need to know what you really want? Let’s say on a different level than that of the personality. There is a difference between personality and who you really are.

Only when you know what it is that ‘the Soul wants’ for you then everything starts to move to help you and achieve this.

Start your Mission.

Earth Mission!


mission Your mission has no beginning and no end. In contrast, you may have been in the momentum of a decisive choice several times in your life. Whatever happened, nothing is lost, you take everything with you. If “meant to be” you will eventually make the leap.
In the past 100 days you have been able to prepare yourself for this moment to take this final step again. You can now do that under full guidance.

Customized certificate.

Because you are unique, an assessment can only be made on how far you have completed the program in preparation for ‘the leap’ you will make into the ‘new world’. The world you created yourself. The assessment is not so much about where you are, but more about the progress you have made in the past few months. The certificate is a tailor-made certificate – an assessment – ​​in which you very specifically state your results when it comes to who you are and the growth you have experienced.


Usually no resits are required. You can’t do anything wrong in this program. That’s nice to know. But it is also the reality of life. You can only take longer to learn something and in this case about yourself. There is nothing wrong with that.


An important extra part of the program in addition to the modules and the final assignment is the startup. A guidance to the startup of yourself. In this part you will be guided to everything else you need to fulfill your mission. We will look at what is the most important step for you and map out a route to get there. 

If the route is found, the mission will automatically come into view. The road in this is often the most important, but in the process we will continue until the mission is at least in view. 

A unique combination of components makes the life mission a very effective and most complete, combined career program, (self-start) startup program or trajectory. 

What you may need extra
One or more of the following elements: 
– Network 
– Education 
– Internship 
– Work 
– Funds 

During the previous modules you will probably have got an idea of ​​how to work on your mission and a concrete implementation. We will investigate which of these elements are necessary for this and how this can be achieved. 

For this part you will be guided by several ‘mission coaches’ who each have unique experiences in the mentioned parts. 

General information 

The costs (investment in yourself) for the entire program is EUR 4285, including intake interview, workshops, coaching sessions, intervision and work folder. 


All sessions and workshops will be held at two different inspiring locations in Arnhem. 


Anyone can participate. Fortunately, you don’t need any prior education to fulfill your mission. You can get everything you need from yourself. 

The only requirement is that you can take at least 1 full day off per week for 100 days. Additional time may be required depending on what you want to do during this period. 

What else do you need?

At the start of the program you will receive a training folder containing the information that you can use and in which you can document, record and collect during the entire program and the workshops. 


Everyone in the Netherlands set up a trade or platform as being a guarantee institution for members and clients. How reliable is the trade association if everyone who pays is admitted? Based on this, we have not yet found a trade association to which we have joined. 

Do you want a previous advice? 06-12476352 
The program starts with an intake interview. 

If you want to register or if you want to know if this training is suitable for you, you can request an interview online.

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