Everyone has a mission and any change towards this mission comes from within.
As we are part of the whole, so do we all share a common mission and have our own unique mission at the same time. Your mission is part of a larger mission.

A shared mission is a shared goal and earthMission’s goal is to initiate in – and work towards a transformation that leads to unity-consciousness and a world in abundance.

If it is meant to interorganize and to cooperate in this, then let us do this.
In a new collaboration that brings the concept of success, profit and growth towards a different and higher level and a transformation that comes from the collective cooperation.

Shared values:
– Abundance is the result of this joint activity.
– Each one takes in its unique place – and fulfills a unique role.
– ROI in terms of real value.
– The potential to bring the actual activity, to the next level and to a larger extent.
– Part of a large network and a new potential of possibilities.
– Part of a new economy and including basic income.