The idea of a supply-circle is to form a full circle of organizations and individuals, profit and non-profits that are working together on key solutions. Participants, each with its own key-position within this circle.

The other dimension is that organizations are working together – interorganized – on solutions in the world.
In the realization of these projects, involved parties are contributing in the form of freely available resources, expertise, knowledge, scale size and core values. They provide in which they are good at and share each other’s values.
Projects that are being initiated will be based on the new laws of non-locality, non-institutionality, non-ownership, non-employment and non-profitability.
Collectively activated, collectively initiated, collectively financed, owned collectively, collectively supported and interconnected!

Everyone shares everything with everyone, in a new circle possibly using an own payment or exchange system. A complete supply circle is providing abundance for the whole. All necessary parties then are available for the success of the whole. Which in this case could be a project.
When this is fulfilled, the miracle is ready to happen. Solutions can be created which only then can be created.

Goal: is to achieve full ‘supply-circle’ solutions.

~ When the circle is ’round’, everyone is sharing everything with everyone and everyone is sharing everything in abundance, in one universal consciousness and unity-consciousness! ~