There is only one Earth and her Transition in the Light.

  If the light is already there, because everything is light, then every knowledge is present here on Earth in the geometry of everything around us and in our DNA. True science then deals with that which connects everything and that which holds together all of the physical existence. Rather than the outward physical appearances, […]

Onenessconsciousness, back in the Eternal Here and Now.

Born on this Earth with a memory of onenessconsciousness one has arrived in a reality of duality. While the here-and-now is eternal, this reality in no occasion is. The reality of duality is that people are often removed from the here and now and thus from their original power. Residing in the eternal moment may […]

A New Worldrelation through Onenessconsciousness.

  If there is one force that holds the world and the people together than it is the power of oneness, integration and balance. Perhaps more than ever conflicts no longer seem to occur at a regional level but at world-level. It is the same force that has brought us prosperity and growth through the unification […]

A Mission towards Abundance

  Every now and then people are struggling with the idea to live in two worlds. On one side continuing the chosen path into a new world, but still having to deal with an old world where there are no alternatives as it comes to certain matters. There is a lot in development and there […]

Universal Consciousness and Abundance

A shift has taken place. A shift towards universal consciousness or unity consciousness. This is the new reality! This means that the consciousness with paradigms such as scarcity consciousness, survival, competition, and so on the list is endless, do not apply and will find no power anymore. The fact that not everyone is aware of […]

The Fulfillment of a Collective Mission becomes one Great Event

  We all have our mission in life and, above all, we all have a collective mission. A collective mission in which we take greater responsibility in the world and especially for the planet on which we live. Not only we grow and learn to solve issues on a personal level – from where we […]

Initiating a Gamechanging Transformation

  Initiating a gamechanging transformation, in leadership, business, education, media, culture, science, religion, social organization and every institution that goes with it. On one hand that means finding – and working on key-solutions for particular global issues, on the other hand it means transformation of it. There is a need to let go of the […]