If there is one force that holds the world and the people together than it is the power of oneness, integration and balance.

Perhaps more than ever conflicts no longer seem to occur at a regional level but at world-level. It is the same force that has brought us prosperity and growth through the unification of energies, economies and values in the different parts of the world.
As we ourselves are the cause of scaling-up our activities, also errors in the system will mirror back itself on the global stage as well. In addition, the effects of the transition present themselves in a growing pace as a result of self-regulation.

This makes that groups in society may feel threatened or alienated in their own environment, while the actual threat or alienation is caused by their own lack of will to integrate new ideas, beliefs and to find balance with one’s own values as far as one has these. Maybe also caused by ‘the system’ itself.

No one said that integration and finding new balance would be a simple task.
If we can find this balance as a society, oneness integrated into our thinking and education for example, than we have learned that this is the path to follow. Unlike conflicts, if one is seeking balance by conflict than – “so be it”. Only than the actual lesson has been ignored and by this keeping the imbalance and conflict continue manifesting itself.

We can change this. One can also see the conflict as a signal that there is an imbalance in the world. So which path does one want to choose?
To remain in oneness seems to be the great challenge in this time of economic setback. To remain in oneness is the growing power that has brought us relative prosperity we experience at present.
!It is the only force that brings the momentum of a revolution we all really want, despite that there are individuals and groups presenting themselves on the forefront to disturb this unification, further integration and thus the renewed balance.

So to remain in oneness, to continue to build and yet to maintain diversity is part of the joint mission that we have. Is it not economically than on a social-cultural level, by the integration of cultures, ideas and values. However, focusing in the first place at one’s own transition should be primary.

Other cultures can be a mirror and in reality are a mirror to ourselves, which show us a lot about ourselves, to the extent we are stuck in our own thinking, also as a society. How little self-reflection is there to perceive in general when it comes to the so-called differences between our cultures. Reflection, integration, balance and oneness than become the magic words in the relationship we have to our world.

We all know what the actual cause is of the so called crisis and thus the imbalance and conflicts in the world. To stay out of conflict perhaps is enough to make us understand that solutions come from another plane.


The new worldrelation is the relation to yourself. Just like any relationship, your relationship to the world is the relationship to yourself and the relationship to yourself is the relation to any living being, of any origin, race or culture. Every encounter is offering an opportunity, a chance to learn more about and to come closer to yourself – and your own mission. Each event is still a chance and opportunity – and part of a mission. Let’s accept that mission. Be part of it.

The encounter becomes an encounter with yourself and everything in the world is a mirror.