The closer to our own origin, the more all is one.

The theory of everything, or the unification theory, is the theory which reduces everything to one. The missing link in science which explains the connection between the largest as the smallest – and the smallest as the largest. The theory of everything is the theory of the origin, there where all started, the point zero.
Onenessconsciousness is the universal consciousness as well as the zero-point consciousness, that all was one and is from the origin! In the meanwhile, humanity is discovering that time nor matter really do exist. Everything is consciousness and everything is light.
The theory of everything as scientific theory, in reality, is the consciousness of the new world.

In this new time, everything that happens, at an accelerated pace, eventually leads to a new consciousness. Everything happens for a reason.
Truth is that the new ‘time’, as far as we can speak of time, already is there. The energy of the new era is already there and is gradually starting to have its effect more and more, which makes people move, take real action and (are able to) see things differently in an instant. At that moment, the new light has born and the new consciousness has become reality on this planet.

Cause and effect

To see that everything that is going on at the moment, tsunami (s), climate change, forest fires, terror attacks, pandemics, moral discussions ultimately leads to onenessconsciousness instead of crises is the lesson we can learn from this.
The outer reality is a reflection of the inner. If we can resolve the inner, the challenges in the seeming outer world will resolve and see the new consciousness appear higher and higher as the new light on the horizon.

Our time seems to be running out. The truth is, it is no longer a matter of time. We already live in the instant where time seems to go faster and faster.
In the here and now all solutions can be found and all solutions take place. Even doom thinking cannot get us off this path. The lesson remains until it is learned, until doom thinking no longer makes sense, but only brings us out of the eternal instant (zero point) and until we see the moment when we can choose to return to it.
The choice is now for everyone to enter the universal consciousness, the onenessconsciousness and to enter the new world.

The new earth is here, we only must learn to see it.