A shift has taken place. A shift towards universal consciousness or unity consciousness. This is the new reality!
This means that the consciousness with paradigms such as scarcity consciousness, survival, competition, and so on the list is endless, do not apply and will find no power anymore.

The fact that not everyone is aware of this does not mean that this new reality is not there. Some people have this consciousness and already live to it, others easily integrate it because they already know it and again others have a hard time only because they choose this road of ‘hardship’.
Crisis is the best thing that ever happened to mankind. However not the best thing that will happen to us. It is the result of one huge denial – and the consequence of choosing the hard way.
It confronts us with ourselves and the consequences of our actions. It shows us that things need to change. It brings us back to the essence of things eventually.

It is the consciousness in which everyone shares everything wíth everyone and shares ín everything, in universal consciousness and unity-consciousness. Staying alive becomes living. Competition becomes cooperation and on the basis of one’s own strength. Scarcity becomes abundance. Fulfillment of needs become fulfillment of a mission.

Transformation of the scarcity-consciousness.

Scarcity is not a real thing. Scarcity is created and so we can also create abundance.
We can create a world where everyone contributes to things that are freely available to everyone everywhere. Then, we need to have no fear that we lose anything, because if we choose to live this way, we choose for abundance. The law of cause and effect makes it so.
The result, more and more people will like to share, because they see that it works eventually. The universe responds this way. Giving is receiving. Giving is winning.

Onenessconsciousness often is misinterpreted and that, on one hand, makes sense when we come from the old world and try to translate the new from old concepts. Everything becomes different. And much different than it already is.

We can speak of a consciousness that is present in everything. Omnipresent, with the awareness of the many potentials and opportunities.
It’s really fantastic to see how this comes into expression within society. It is the expression of life that it carries and we will give this expression, this meaning to it.
What once was one large denial now becomes recognition. A recognition of all that is. Of all that is real. A recognition of our true identity, our real individuality, our nature, essence, life, our way, our true being. Our being on this level of existence and dimension. And of course our mission!
This recognition and to live this new consciousness brings us most probably more than we could ever expect.

By any person to participate in an economy in which everyone can contribute and develop, everyone will be able to share in the same economy. To Share and transferring knowledge, expertise and resources.

If we are working towards this unity and on our mission we can achieve a greater power and simply achieve more. For ourselves and for the rest of the world and ultimately achieve a greater unity wíth the rest of the world.

If we have one purpose in this world then it’s the collective purpose, namely the extension of abundance – by placing no limits to it. There is no limit to the universal abundance that we can achieve. This as opposed to what we are being told.
This is the new dimension of consciousness in relation to the principle of wealth. Another understanding of the same principle.