Interconnectedness comes into economic expression.

Due to further digitalization and developments in new media that create greater interconnectedness and the many initiatives, collaborations and participation, there is a new economy unfolding. A new “economic” consciousness awakens and the technology which follows – instead of the other way around – brings forth an abundance that we would never have expected. The total economic world production over the past few decades has multiplied and is expected to grow tirelessly through the next ten years and possibly to multiply. New national economies rise and become co-world-players. ‘Small’ players online suddenly become multinational.

The scarcity of natural resources and energy sources seem to threaten this in the coming years, but also the provision in it will probably find a way soon. As well as it comes to the basic facilities that for each inhabitant in this world could be free available, such as income, housing, education, healthcare and mobility. Besides, on the level of consciousness we are much further than a few years ago. There is a much different awareness.

What once seemed to be a three-dimensional reality, where everything was ‘fixed’ it now appears to be an open reality where everything is possible. Everything has changed. Every aspect of our society unfolds in new dimensions of what it once was – and this also means that the less favorable aspects of the old economy and society will fall away as if they have never existed.

Another positive element is that we practically do not need to do anything, except for just letting it happen. It just happens, as long as we are interconnected and that which we do is the result of this interconnectedness. For the most part we just need to look into ourselves as individuals, as a leader, as a people and as a citizen of the world. We do not need to think how to create solutions, everything has already been created. Transformation solves everything, that is the miracle. Welcome to this quantum reality!

Then does the crisis still exist?

A high degree of efficiency we seem to have reached in our production and distribution of wealth, but is that really true, or have these become just very inefficient as it becomes increasingly clear that many processes have gone at the expense of our environment, ourselves and so have proven to be counterproductive.
As analogy of what is going on in the world economically, but also on the social level, we can compare the crisis with a disease (which it is in reality). It was there all the time subconsciously. However now it comes to the surface as an illness or pain. The pain seems to get worse and the fever is rising because a healing is taking place – or wants to find place.

We can try to enforce the healing, but still there is a process that precedes to heal the whole complex and eventually we will come out stronger.

New economic dimensions

The greater the participation, the greater the abundance. That is what appears to become reality. That is something which is different from economic protectionist policies on a continental level to protect our own economies. New laws are overruling old laws and these new laws are not written, they just come forth from this new awareness.

It is our interconnectedness which expresses itself and brings forth a huge and unprecedented stream of activity, self-regulation, selforganization and abundance.
Participation is without border’s. Cross-border and cross-knowledge concepts are a result of connectedness that is being reflected as such. Then there are the collaborations arising from the interconnection that will come to expression as a new kind of organization.
Where it was about the integration of people in the recent past, it is now also about integration in the way social sectors, organizations and eventually people find cooperation in a new economic order. We are beyond all counters which are out there for all social functions.

This awareness is beyond outerly characteristics and thinking in boxes. This and the interconnectedness leads to full integration of people, cultures, social functions where the form more and more becomes formless.
Even the term revolution seems to have been given a new dimension. There is a revolution of revolutions ahead of us. A revolution which becomes a revolution in an everything changing transformation.


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